Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year, New Beginning...another Miami show!

Happy New Year. As many readers know already it was not the greatest holiday season for the tuscanyrose family. Panda, the St. Bernard who was all of 18 months old had to be put down on December 26th. Though we were away for the weeks thereafter, it was a painful time for Jo and James, as well as myself. I am back and trying to get into a groove but it is difficult.
Here is some insight:
The market in December for modern watches was good. We moved lots of newer under
$10k mens and ladies watches, as is usually the case in December. Vintage was strong with bigger pieces selling if priced right but mid level appearing sluggish.
Smaller common pieces were ok, but again had to be priced right. 1680 were strange as you couldn't buy one for under $4500 but you also could not sell for over $4500! lol!
5513 with gloss dials were in the $3k range and only went above if they were on a tight heavy bracelet. Hmmmmm?
GMT 1675 heads were in the $3k range also, with only stellar examples selling over $4k. The 1665 and 1655 were also easy sellers in the $10-12k range without paperwork, but the fake market has reared it's ugly head to reveal a "super fake".
A dealer I know found another papered 1655 that would fool many who are not used to handling the real thing.
Miami is another story.
IWJG was interestering and parts sold well. watches that were priced right sold quickly but the over $10k pieces were a little sluggish. Big unique pieces were hot as was modern. Modern Rolex is very strong as is Cartier. Off price new and lightly used stuff was very hot.
Vintage common was usually overpriced by many dealers and they took the same stuff to the Miami Antique Show, where it is sitting in their showcases as I write.
The "munich" guys are betting they can bring this stuff overseas and dump it on the EU boys, but I think they are smarter than to pay too much for common stuff. A Big Crown that needed work w/gilt service dial sold for under $30k. Plastic Daytona are all over the place with many dealers taking the "protect my capitol investment" stance by not lowering their 2006/7 buy in prices.
Many deals were there to be had if you looked, but it was a little sluggish for this dealer. I bought a nice piece in the Explorer 2 black rail cream, but that was really it. I sold a bunch of smaller pieces for very small margin and as usual parts were what made my show. Lots of VRF'ers were in attendance and a grand time was had by all...I guess!
We as dealers/collectors know one thing. Vintage rolex has it's ups and downs but is always a viable commodity. While it is a little sluggish we must remember it is January and not a big spending month in the USA. Or\lando will be telling as will the big auctions in March. I am selecting some choice pieces to submit and those who want to get the best prices should consider the same.
Happy New Year to all...