Friday, May 29, 2009

Resting before the big week...

I am taking the last few days off to rest as I have developed a nasty cold/sinus infection/whatever. I have to say I am not the least bit happy with the Patrizzi catalog. In addition to not using using some of the insight I provided on certain lots, many of the photographs are not really allowing said items to shine. There are many things I need to get straightened out with them before I "jump on board". I don't know. it just seems there is a conflict of interest in that auction houses need to sell stuff but I am a real nit picky person who looks at descriptions and EXPECTS to get all the relevant information before i place a bid. I know I am being kind of hard but I guess that is just me. Lot 200 is a pointed gilt 5512 which I specifically mentioned that they need to note the "underline" dial, and sure enough, the catalog does not even mention it. In addition, it says the watch is from 1967 with an 8xxxxx serial number. Geez. Also, the picture is so bad you can barely make out it has an underline so where is this watch going?
Lot 264 is my 16550 w/rail dial, which is not mentioned. My Tudor Saudi w/box and papers does not show the box which has a rare Saudi plastic seal. Little things which would really make certain watches pop that are not mentioned.
I have to say, the jury is out on all this. If they do not care to take this as seriously as I do, then they can do it themselves.
Very frustrating...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Here it is...lot 199

OK. 5513, HEV, 1.3 serial, sloppy relume, gnarley engraving on caseback.
Did not come in as a COMEX, as there are no shots of the HEV. I have more scans but I believe this is really an early prototype or something special. I will post scans in a minute but please discuss and lets see what comes of it. They want honesty and transparency so here it is!!!!!
The HEV is CORRECT, the numbers look right and I really think it is special.





Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fakes and auctions...

Wow.  Just a little update.
Just discovered a DRSD fake which almost made it to auction.  I did not see one group of watches during my inspection and BAM, sure enough, here is a fake.  Crazy.
This had everything fake but for the movement, dial, hands, case, etc.  Not for anything, the case was not too bad.  These counterfeiters are really getting better and better.
I do not know if this was photographed but if you see a fake in the catalog don't yell at me.  It will obviously not be sold but it is a little frightening.  
I am glad I am doing this.  It is painstaking and stressful, but in the end I want an auction house that people can trust 100%.
This watch supposedly was consigned by a collector overseas.  Whether they knew is anyones guess, but auction houses have a difficult position where they make money selling stuff and with each piece that is rejected, their profit is lowered.  Now can everyone see why there are so many fakes sold?
My new found calling is really a "work in progress".  I can only inspect if I see the piece and I believe I have now seen all the rolex/tudor, but I am going in again to review one more time so when this begins on June 4th there are no questions and people can bid with confidence.
Oh yeah, I will be posting some pics of that "special piece" next week.  There is a whole lot of protocol so I have to keep mum, but I promise it will be worth it.  There are a few really nice pieces including my famous DRSD tropical dial!  Yeah, I am cleaning house and will start over this summer.  I actually bought a few pieces including a blue MC, 16520 S serial B & P, Tudor Sub, 5513 maxi. 
Well, gotta wait for FEDEX then get on my horse.  The damn pool heater is not working and I have a bunch of people coming over the weekend so I am stressed.  
Never a dull moment at the "ponderosa"...


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun...

For everyone who has not heard I am going to be inspecting all the Rolex watches going up for sale at Patrizzi & C0. Yup, little old me and some of the biggest guns in the world of high end watches. Nope, I am not crazy. No, I don't have a political death wish. I am just looking to align myself with a strong auction house that will be HONEST when selling their goods. I can help them as I handle alot of collectible watches and being that I am on 47th street, I also know all the tricks when it comes to fakes.
Simple formula, isn't it? For some time I have been telling all who will listen that the only way to really get the highest price for your stuff is to sell at auction. The only problem with that was many of the other auction houses are really not too sharp when it comes to watches, ESPECIALLY vintage Rolex. I am not saying they sell bad or problematic stuff intentionally, it is just that they do not have the proper staff who really know the ins and outs of vintage Rolex. You have to admit, vintage Rolex is not like vintage Patek!!! There are no "archives" to refer to. The only archives are the old photos in my old hard drive and the 4 -5 active brain cells in my head! lol!!
Seriously, having seen the way AQ has really stepped it up (as I reported a while back) with a quality check list, it is only natural the other houses follow suit. Patrizzi & Co. took it to another level as they asked me to personally assist by letting them utilize my main watchmaker (Rolex certified/trained master watchmaker, 2nd generation) and also allow me to personally inspect all Rolex BEFORE they are sold.
Pretty cool, huh? I mean, you all know me and know I will not allow any fake or questionable crap to be sold to some poor unsuspecting person.
No way, no how. In my findings today there was not much except one really special piece, which I discovered quite innocently. You might ask, what will Buckley spot that the great OP & Co. cannot? Anyone who asks that has never seen the inner workings of a big auction house during a watch sale preparation. It is the same way I would miss something obvious because there is so much else going on. Well, my "fresh" eyes picked up on something really special. It will be described properly and hopefully sell for BIG money to some really lucky person. Nah, I am not going to say which piece yet. I will wait until I'm finished with the rest of the catalogue, but this was A MONSTER FIND. What can it be?
Soon my faithful readers, soon.
In any event, I am really proud to be associated with Patrizzi & Co. I believe the only other "real" watch auction house is Antiquorum, which has done really well having sold another (yes, another) MILLION DOLLAR Patek. Can you believe that? Well done and hats off to AQ and it's chairman BM. I can only hope that P & Co will be the one to sell the first million dollar Rolex!Well, that is it for now. Please understand that my new found calling with P & Co. does not mean I am not doing my usual "thang-thang" at 37 west, it just means call me or the store/office/cell frst if you want to make sure I can be there to greet you.
I am looking forward to June and all the fun it will bring...JB