Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Forward, or more accurately sideways...

With the election over, and all the cheering masses getting back to looking for their fair share of the American Dream, we move on. Mose of us will play the game, and not let the game play us. We will play a little more carefully, and remember that real money is made on the buy. With all the wealthy "paying a little more", I am sure we can find nice pieces that will hold value and protect us from the perils of the ever shaky US Dollar and Euro. This is the time to buy in. Prices are holding across the board and unlike stocks, bonds, 401k, etc., we can be sure our inventories will prosper, as tangible will always outdo intangible. Be ready for another Wall Street burp. It's coming. Gold and silver, yes, I said silver, will come into play, bigtime. It cannot continue as it has been. Debt cannot be rectified by creating more debt. With gas in the $3.00-$4.00 range, how long will it be before people who work, on a fixed income, start feeling more of a pinch at the supermarket? My own take, I see a real difference just in the time it takes to get from marlboro to my NYC office. In 2007-8 before all this, It was a 2 hour trip, regardless of what time I left in the morning or evening. many times I took a black car just not to hassle with traffic. Over the last four years, my trip has shortened by half, with a max of an hour and 10-15 minutes door to door. High gas ($1.80 in 2008) has led to many having to take a bus or train, provided they have jobs at all! It is a sad commentary on the direction our government is going. Business, especially small business, is getting squeezed out. The real cost of health insurance, for those of us who actually pay for it, is going to prohibit growth, as will other policies coming into play. Get ready for it. It's coming sooner rather than later... JB

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